These high boots from Zara that Helen Lindes has worn are the best option to wear with a floral dress in spring


How do we know that the spring’s favorite formula is that of minidress with boots or ankle boots, from the newsroom we are already preparing and signing the best clothes to join her when the temperatures rise and succeed. We have taken note of these Zara boots that are a hit on Instagram and these mini-dresses from the sales. However, the winning look of the week that we will not hesitate to copy is this one that has been Helen Lindes.

The model shared the details of a look that she published on her Instagram profile and that drew countless positive comments that have applauded her choice. “I’m looking forward to spring,” commented a follower. And we are not surprised, because this Helen style has everything it takes to succeed in that season. The first is a short floral print dress in bold colors -oranges and blue tones- with a very flattering design.

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Specifically, it is a Antik Batik (315 euros) with long sleeve, flared skirt and V-neckline that is already sold out, but you can find very similar on their website, but in black. The model wore it with a fine brown Mango belt that marked the waist and gave a sophisticated touch to the look.

Helen combined it with some very original ankle boots that she pampers has revealed that she has bought in Zara. It is a suede model in sand color, high heel, triangular toe and with a medium and wide shaft. The bad new? That we have gone in their search and we have not found them. They must be from another season or be exhausted. However, in the giant Inditex we have found similar ones with a wooden heel very comfortable that seem luxurious. Also, they have a super good price. they cost 35.95 euros. Are you ready to copy this great Helen Lindes look?

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