These comfortable heels from Special Prices feel like a glove and are perfect for any occasion


Our obsession with flip flops black, flat, high-heeled, with straps, raffia and esparto grass or vinyl had made us forget that comfortable heels they are a thousand times more versatile and wearable.

Because their design is so basic, so correct and so easy to combine that they are ideal for any occasion and even for several seasons. But the best thing of all is to find this kind of footwear in the Stradivarius Special Prices. A nice and cheap purchase that has made us happy for the weekend for many reasons.

First of all because they are the French favorite shoes. And that can only mean one thing: including these from Inditex's signature in our wardrobe will elevate all our summer looks thanks to its undercut version. Parisians are betting on combining them with romantic jeans and tops with precious necklines or white blouses, but also with mini dresses for a sexy and relaxed style such as Sabina Socol, which wears with a super appetizing gingham plaid.

Second thing because your 5 cm wide and square heel It is perfect to gain some height without losing absolute comfort and stability when walking. That means that, together with its elegant square tip design, you can take them to go to the office or to the next events. Especially if that important day your pedicure has failed you and you prefer not to bare your feet.

In addition, you can choose between classic black or between most flattering shades and trend of the season in pastel version: water green, sky blue or pink but with a variation on the design of the latter: it has an undercut toe and ends in a peak.

And the best of the best, all colors are available in all sizes, something rare in this section of discounts, and only cost 13.99 euros. Do you sign up for this basic that you are going to take advantage of until the fall?

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