These are the low cost white sneakers that have fallen in love with Aitana


One of the essentials of any wardrobe, whatever the genre or style, are some White shoes. It is the most comfortable footwear that goes with everything and the one that is most used during the day to day. And more when the good weather arrives, when we put aside the black boots and ankle boots. A few days ago we signed these from Zara that seem luxurious and now we have fallen in love with these that he has shared Aitana.

It’s all because the singer has become the protagonist of the latest Puma campaign. Aitana is the new image of the sports firm And of all the looks she has worn, it has been some ‘sneakers’ that the artist liked the most. And we are not surprised, because she has always flaunted that she prefers the most sporty looks and sportswear they are never missing in your closet. Therefore, white sneakers are also a good essential for her.

Refers to the new Puma Cali Star Metallic, round toe sneakers, sole with a bit of platform, lace closure and adsilver metallic detail on the back of the shoe. they cost 99 euros (buy them here) and they are also available in black with the detail in gold and other similar shades.

Aitana wears them in the campaign with a short, short-sleeved and fitted dress in black and sporty style, with following an ideal look. But from the writing we propose to combine them in all possible ways. An idea? Add them to flared jeans as Naty Abascal has done.

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