Thermal water spray for the face: what is it for, how to use it, which one to choose


Its jet is so delicate and refreshing that it immediately restores even the hottest skin. Seeing is believing

Those who try it for the first time will hardly abandon it, because its benefits are immeasurable. And you realize its “therapeutic power” as you use it. Thermal spray water has a thousand uses and is, in fact, a real cure-all for facial skin (and not only). Refresh, moisturizes, gives relief and, in some versions, opacifies shiny skin.

Born to soothe the feelings of discomfort of the sensitive skin, the thermal water in spray has become a must have of every beauty addicted self-respecting.

If in the past the thermal water was mainly used to soothe itching, relieve the redness of skin prone to couperose or provide hydration to the tired face, today it is a key product for welfare of all skin types, present in all beauty cases. Traveling as in the city, or on all those occasions when you feel the need to cool off.

What is the thermal spray water used for?

The thermal water in spray is mainly used for refresh your face it’s at restore hydration, for example when you stay in too dry environments, or you are tired or tired. But especially when it is very hot. On sultry days, a jet of nebulized water on the face can even restore vigor in a very short time. The thermal water is indeed comfortable from keep in bag, ideal on vacation and perfect in the bathroom.

After the makeup, a jet of thermal water vaporizer helps to fix it better, especially if the bottle comes directly from the refrigerator. The new “matte” products are designed to give one matte finish to make up: you recognize them because in addition to the word spray, you find the “fix mist”, that is a fixing solution.

It can also be used as complement of facial cleansing: Some types of sprays are formulated with essential oils that act as skin tonic. The thermal waters are also very useful after removing a face mask, for further eliminate residues or to restore well-being to clay-based treatments (which can dry out the skin).

To soothe the skin after i aesthetic medicine treatments, such as lasers, peels and various fillers. On these occasions, thermal water can be used instead of the tonic.

The thermal water sprays to try

The products to be sprayed on the face are composed of spring water that flows from thermal sources, enclosed in the heart of the Alps and other mountainous areas. They naturally contain essential minerals for the beauty of the skin.

Spray water from the Terme di Comano
It can be applied morning and evening and several times
per day, simply allowing it to air dry before putting on the mask again.

Avéne –

Thermal water spray of AvèneSuitable for the most sensitive and intolerant skin. In the pharmacy

URIAGE thermal water

Contains 100% Uriage thermal water, packaged directly at the source, and collected pure and protected from any sources of pollution. In the photo the “collector” edition of 2019 with the image of the Alps: thermal water was born in the heart of the French Alps, 2000 years ago in Uriage-les-Bains, in the Alpine massif of Belledonne (just 8 kilometers from Grenoble ). In the pharmacy

Vichy –

Mineralizing volcanic water spray of VICHYThe power of the mineralizing thermal water of Vichy is born from the French volcanoes, which is declined in exclusive formulations to give women stronger skin. In the pharmacy

EVIAN thermal water spray

Little mineralized and particularly pure, Evian natural mineral water passes through a natural filter unique in the world for more than 15 years, in the heart of the Alps. There it is purified and reaches its mineral balance, until it reaches us rich in properties.
and absolutely free of treatments. In the pharmacy

L’Occitane –

Aqua Réotier from L’Occitane

Refreshing spray rich in calcium and hyaluronic acid, to hydrate the skin. In perfumery and in L’Occitane stores

Refreshing face spray water

In addition to the thermal waters, today there are face mist: the difference is that they are thermal waters in the strict sense, but “only” moisturizing waters enriched with soothing or energizing active ingredients. They are also known by the names of facial mist in English and brume in French. The consistencies vary from the most watery to the most fluid, but always very very liquid. See our selection.

Hydro Senstation Spray by Lavera
The seaweed extract ensures regenerative strength to the skin, while the natural hyaluronic acid guarantees nourishment and restores its water reserves.

Facial spray with aloe vera, aromatic plants and rose water by MARIO BADESCU

Revitalize dehydrated skin to restore radiance with this Thyme and Rose Facial Spray.
Sold by Sephora and Douglas

Seterm thermal water tonic
Thanks to the silk proteins and thermal water of Terme Felsinee (naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements and precious rose water) it becomes a real beauty water.
On sale on the Salute Piu Store e-commerce.

Eau Cellulaire Brume by Institut Esthederm
A treatment water in spray format, 100% biomimetic, which transforms beauty rituals into youth rituals thanks to its multiple actions: it preserves the skin microbiome; it is antioxidant, revitalizing and soothing.

Continuous Setting Mist of Morphe
A compressed air fixing spray that fixes make-up and gives a radiant effect to the face.
For sale by Douglas

Perfect N.1 fixer spray

Fix your makeup and freshen up.

For sale on

JOWAE ‘Moisturizing Treatment Water

Water-based spray of Sakura Flowers, the oriental cherry trees that are part of the Korean Pharmacopoeia. It is rich in antioxidant lumiphenols to strengthen and protect the skin.

In the pharmacy

Spray water: for dry or oily skin?

The refreshing waters are good for all skin types: in particular, they are suitable for dry skin when, in summer, you feel tingling, but you don’t feel the need to add another layer of cream. Being waters rich in trace elements and other essential minerals, give immediate hydration with the plus of freshness.

Combination and oily skin, on the other hand, find a ally against excess sebum and clarity lurking. Then just dab your face and eventually reapply a little mattifying powder.

Mattifying spray waters

They absorb excess sebum, counteracting the shiny effect of the skin of the face, a problem that visibly worsens in summer.


PREP + PRIME FIX +, MAC mattifing mist

It is a refreshing solution that sets the makeup, making it opaque, to say goodbye to shiny skin.

In the Mac stores, in the Douglas and Pinalli e-commerce stores

Serozinc by LA ROCHE POSAY

More than a thermal water, it is a purifying solution in spray for oily or acne-prone skin. Contains Zinc, a mineral recognized for its sebum-regulating and opacifying properties, which fights shine and imperfections.

In the pharmacy

Mint Mattifying Face Spray by THE BODY SHOP

Helps to reduce excess sebum, counteracting the shiny effect. Contains a blend of Nicaraguan mint, seaweed extract from Ireland and UK kaolin clay. It leaves the skin dull but at the same time hydrated and immediately refreshed.

Spray water: new cosmetic

New features include vaporizers enriched with protective sunscreens and from matting ingredients for blemished and acne-prone skin, such as zinc. Spray waters with sunscreens are ideal in the summer, perhaps during a trip to the open air.

The opacifying solution nebulizers, on the other hand, are designed for leathers that are polished during the day because they produce a lot of sebum. Regular use of a spray of this type (they are often composed of sulfur and zinc) improve the feelings of discomfort.

Face sprays with SPF

They protect from the sun and pollution, but they are not real beach sunscreens: they are perfect for city use. And at the most they can “refresh” the sunscreen previously applied to the sea or in the mountains.

Defense Mist by BIONIKE

It is the new cosmetic gesture which, once vaporized on the face, creates an invisible film that protects the skin from daily aggressions, represented by smog, blue light and UV rays.

In the pharmacy

Aqua Urban by GALENIC
Pollution defense spray

Lightweight spray that hydrates, refreshes and fixes makeup. In addition, it protects against pollution, a cause of aging and dehydration. Its thin and airy diffusion deposits a delicate, invisible and non-sticky veil on the face.

In the pharmacy

Filorga Anti-Aging Face Mist SPF50
Moisturizes, refreshes and protects the face during exposure, to be used anytime and anywhere, in the city or by the sea, with or without make-up.

How to use the thermal spray water

The spray waters are vaporized on the face at a distance of 25-30 cm and left on. Then, you can gently pat your face or let the droplets dry on your face – the choice is yours.

As an anti-fatigue

In addition to refreshing the face, the spray waters are excellent for relieving the feeling of heaviness in tired legs, which occurs after a day on your feet or because of the heat: that’s enough direct the jet on the ankles to feel better.

As a decongestant tonic

Soak some cotton gauze with thermal water e apply them under the eyes: you will have obtained decongestant masks for the delicate area of ​​the eye contour.

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