The Zara jacket suit that Nagore Robles has worn has the most beautiful and flattering color of the moment


Confirmed, Nagore Robles has all three essentials for your spring wardrobe and yes, all three are from Zara. The first of them is this long shirt so original with which it swept on television, the second is this perfect blouse that favors so much and the third is a Blue suit that has made us fall in love. The presenter has taken a set of blazer jacket and pants that is part of the new collection of Zara’s suits in pastel tones and has shown that it looks great.

Nagore agreed to participate in a interview with Luc Loren to talk about the mental health and in which he opened on the channel and recounted part of his hardest experiences. An interesting contribution from the presenter with which she gave visibility to the importance of asking for and needing help from psychology professionals. For this recording, Nagore showed that a suit is not only valid for the most arranged looks.

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Is about a jacket and pants suit from Zara which has one of the prettiest colors we’ve seen so far. A dull blue very different from the baby blue we are used to and which seems ideal for spring. The top is a structured blazer with a wrap design, long sleeves and double buttoning in black. Cost 59.95, it has front pockets and it has matching pleated trousers with wide leg cut what does it cost 29.95 euros.

It is one of the most beautiful outfits in the new Zara collection, but also one of the most wearable. Nagore chose to combine it with some White shoes thus getting the version more casual of this look. However, as you already know, you can wear it with high-heeled sandals and succeed with a guest look, or with a flat shoe such as ballerinas or loafers for a office outfit. In addition, it can be used separately, so you will get a lot out of it. Total success!

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