The white dress from H&M that rejuvenates the 50 is this so beautiful and original that it sweeps on Instagram


There is no summer without a White dress to wear on a day-to-day basis and to highlight the tan that we take at this time of year. Carmen Gimeno knows it and has proposed to his followers a H&M model ideal with an idea to combine it now at the perfect halftime. The influencer of more than 50 who sweeps the most on Instagram, in addition to teaching how you have to combine a blazer to give a rejuvenating touch to your looks or discovering us this beautiful polka dot dress by Mango, has shared a dress that we want to already.

Carmen knows the importance of having a white dress in a summer wardrobe, however, the suffocating heat has not yet arrived in the country and for this reason, she has taught her followers a way to use this garment at halftime.

The instagramer has worn on her Instagram profile a white long-sleeved midi dress which is characterized by some original ruffles that run vertically through the garment. It has a round neckline and is made of a vaporous chiffon crepe fabric that makes it an even more special garment.

Carmen revealed that it is a dress that she bought at H&M and that’s right, it costs 79.99 euros and it is so beautiful that it is already completely sold out on the firm’s website. Of course, a white dress is a ‘mut have’ and in any firm you can find very similar models. However, we have loved the idea of ​​combining it with a black biker.

She added an old Zara model with studs and completed the look with some matching boot slippers. Two garments very easy to find in any store and that with them you can get a lookazo de ten For these days when the cold still hasn’t gone Ideaza!

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