The white blouse that goes with everything and the most wearable skirt, this is the look of Lefties very cheap that influencers do not take off


It seems that the new Lefties collection influencers have liked a lot and there are several who have already taught ideal proposals with super cheap clothes that you can find in the Inditex firm. Among the most successful garments is this twenty euro blazer so wearable or this wrap dress that looks so good. Now thanks to Mery turiel we have found a super wearable look which is already one of our favorites.

María showed her followers a look that is perfect to celebrate the arrival of good weather and that is ideal for both spring and summer. This is an outfit featuring two Lefties garments that you can get a lot out of. The first one is a basic V-neck blouse, long sleeve and in white that costs 14.99 euros.

A design that goes with everything, that you can use in a thousand ways and that Mery Turiel combined with a skort, that is, a skort. A model that is having a lot of success and that the influencer chose in floral print in lilac and white tones. Cost 9.99 euros and is available in five more shades.

An ideal combination now you can wear with a denim jacket or a blazer and high boots. And that you can use in summer with a flat sandal since it is a very cool look. And it is succeeding! Because a few days ago it was Rocío Osorno who was betting on her … Do you love her too?

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