The vest with shoulder pads is the new trend that is sweeping in 2021 and this one from Uterqüe is the most beautiful we have seen


Now more than ever, the need for functionality and pragmatism has been installed in our cabinets, something that facilitates the execution of the comfortable and flattering look to be able to wear at any time. A solution that inevitably involves finding versatile garments, and this is where the vest as the agent responsible for change this season. And we have told you about him and his multiple versions on more than one occasion, from the oversize pattern until the checkered pattern, a nod to the British inspiration that dominates the proposals of many of the firms today.

Among all the offer that arrives like an avalanche, we have found, however, a vest that we have not been able to resist. Because when we thought that sartorial inventiveness had no more outlets when it came to a garment like this one, Uterqüe It has shown us that you can always give it a twist, no matter how classic and hackneyed it may seem.

As they themselves describe, the new Uterqüe collection is inspired by ‘the new comfort’, a term that these days has more than a declaration of intentions. And that is precisely what this knitted vest transmits, since it is a perfect wild card to spin as much as we want.

Made of chunky knit with a V-neck, the contrast of the black trim gives it a subtle sporty air, it also features an elastic gathered waistband and a cropped pattern.

But without a doubt what makes this vest a very special piece is the incorporation of shoulder pads. A resource that we are already used to seeing in shirts and blouses, thanks to the eighties revival that we are experiencing but that we had not yet found in pieces like this.

From here, the options to include the vest in almost any outfit are endless. A repertoire that also covers all kinds of styles. The most sophisticated is to mix it with a romantic blouse with a puff neckline and ruffles on the sleeves and a pleated black midi skirt. Sober and strict at the same time.

On the opposite side and with a more casual approach, a bet on monochromaticism. This way, the vest can be worn without anything underneath and combined with a pair of white jogger pants and wide-soled sneakers.

But wearing it with pants can also mean betting on elegance. This is the case with this look, which, with a pair of wide black dress pants, plays with the baby blue of the shirt with bobo-type collars, a knotted handkerchief as a bowtie and a pair of flat loafers. The perfect fusion between the feminine and the masculine side.

As you can see, the resources of this vest are inexhaustible, and in addition to being perfect to combine with almost any garment you have in your closet, it is one of the most sensible purchases to start the year since the trend has a very long journey, which it will come until spring. It is available in sizes S and M and costs 79 euros.

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