The vest also reaches the most spring casual looks and this fleece from Lefties proves it


That the knitted vest is also very present in the spring summer collections is something that we have already shown here with the knitted vest that is ideal with a shirt underneath or the one with a houndstooth print, but surely you have also become fond of it. so much to this garment that you would like to find it in other materials to be able to wear it with everything. And as the firms are attentive to everything we need Lefties has led the vest to the most spring casual looks with a design as beautiful as it is wearable.

With three designs in tones in line with seasonal styles, the low cost firm of Inditex has launched this beautiful plush vest with a print that is ideal with jeans but that you will also wear with your mini skirts and your shorts favorites.

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With a V-neck and a loose fit, so you can dress it without any bass and be comfortable and fresh, All designs have letter and number print, collegiate style, in contrast.

Available in white, medium blue and pinkYou just have to take a look at it to realize that it is a garment that you are going to get a lot out of in the coming weeks.

With open-sided ribbed collar and hem, they come with wide armhole sleeves to give us an extra comfort.

In the three shades we can find them between sizes XS and L and they cost 9.99 euros. An unbeatable price for a garment that is pure trend and that you are not going to stop wearing.

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