The unexpected twist on the more classic shirt that gives us a flawless look thanks to Stradivarius (and it’s selling out)


We have spent weeks analyzing the new proposals of our favorite fashion firms for the spring-summer season and among them the shirts that Stradivarius has opted for were very present. And there are the versatile, flattering and cheap ones or the striped shirts with a masculine cut that will be your best ally in spring. But the Inditex fashion firm also has given an unexpected twist to the more classic shirt to give us a flawless look turning her into a monkey. And the result is as beautiful as it is desirable.

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Stradivarius has decided to take the well-known Oxford shirt a bit further, with its pastel spring blue and elegant design, to make it a a long jumpsuit with three-quarter sleeves that at first sight surprises but also makes you fall in love. Because its color is ideal for the new season, and its design is pure elegance, a proposal with which you will surprise and achieve an impeccable look.

With lapel collar and front button closure concealed by placket, the Stradivarius Oxford Jumpsuit comes with side pockets on the bias.

With a matching belt included, and belt loops, this long jumpsuit has the ankle hem and elastic at the back to create a gathered effect and fit our figure.

With a price of 25.99 euros, already has been out of stock in the largest and smallest size and we can only find the Oxford jumpsuit in sizes S, M and L.

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