The underarm detox mask is the latest trend


Have you ever done an armpit beauty mask? Well, neither do we. But it seems to be the fashion of the moment … Funny isn’t it?

After #freeyourpits, the movement that wanted hairy and colored armpits, the protagonists of a new fashion are back: #armpitmask, that is, the mask for the armpits. A cuddle for our armpits, part of the body that, let’s face it, we never considered except when it came to waxing or razor. Well, now even the armpits have regained their dignity. And they also deserve a special place in our heart like the face, feet, hands and everything else. Of course, however, it is very strange … Until recently, even talking about sweating seemed ugly and now we are here discussing beauty masks for the armpits … Doesn’t it seem funny to you? The merit, let’s face it, is also a new awareness that has led to the spread of natural deodorants, without aluminum and without antiperspirants. Read on after the photo

That is, those substances that block sweating. Very harmful thing. In fact, inhibiting the activity of the sweat glands means killing part of the natural microflora, unbalancing it and ending up paradoxically increasing the bacteria responsible for bad odors. But why are we talking about natural deodorants when we mentioned armpit masks? Because the masks in question are detox and there is a connection with natural deodorants. Read on after the photo

Natural deodorants without antiperspirants will also be good for the skin, but it must be admitted, they are less effective. And here comes the detox mask for the armpits to our rescue. The detox mask, in fact, helps to reduce excessive sweating and bad smells, as well as to eliminate the chemical residues of the antiperspirant deodorants used over the years. But they are so cool! Exactly, they’re super cool. Read on after the photo

Along with masks – also in a do-it-yourself version based on clay and activated carbon, enriched with essential oils (which are at high risk of allergies) – scrubs are increasingly popular. What function do they have? They smooth and lighten the delicate area of ​​the armpits. Does it seem strange to you to lighten your armpits? VIPs always do it… In short, take advantage of the Christmas holidays to pamper your armpits a little.

” Ready for 2018 ”. Well, judging by the tuft of hair that the super vip has under her armpits, you wouldn’t think so. It is not the first time that the pupa shows herself ” natural ”: we remember all of her legendary cat whiskers. ” But why are you doing it? ”, The fans can’t rest assured that such a splendid creature should let go like this …

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