The traditional wedge espadrilles, now with a track sole, mix the classic and the modern, are super comfortable and look great with dresses


We want to have a good time, to undress our feet and go out into the street stomping. You just have to see the latest news in footwear from our favorite stores, such as the Zara Kids crab shoes that are selling out because they are precious and the collection of esparto espadrilles that flood all the shop windows.

This winter we have fallen hopelessly in love with the sole track, which was present in the most fashionable boots and ankle boots. And what happens when you mix an esparto espadrille of those that our grandmothers already wore with this type of trend so in vogue lately? What comes out one of the top footwear this spring.

Are an H&M model and it is made in different shades of beige, both the body of the shoe and the ties with which you adjust it to the ankle. The difference in color between the espadrille and the sole, which is white, makes the most modern detail is enhanced and don’t go unnoticed. You can combine it with a more arranged look thanks to its esparto wedge and with more sporty models, due to its track sole.

They are made in a mixture of jute and cotton and between the wedge and the sole, you add 7 centimeters to your height, with which you achieve a very flattering styling effect. They cost 49.99 euros and they are still available in all numbers, but they are sure to fly, so you can hurry now.

The Swedish brand bets on the basics in a very wide part of its collection with minimalist cuts and plain colors, but sometimes, always within its slightly garish style, has these genius that catch us.

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