The summer accessory is a scarf with sun protection and here are 5 ways to wear it to sweep


When the summer, sun protection becomes one of our allies. It is true that during the winter, you also have to use a face shield, however, in the summer time where we use shorter and cooler garments, the fact of applying cream daily becomes an essential. For this reason, from we recommend these coral moisturizing creams with sun protection for daily use and we have shown you some ideal options such as these photoprotectors for the face and body. However, did you know that also protect your skin with clothes?

Yes, you read it right. There is a way to avoid the negative effects of the sun on the skin and it does not have to be with a cream, which, sometimes, can be a nuisance due to the way they are applied, because they lose the effect quickly or because they leave a greasy or sticky feeling. And it is with a handkerchief, a multipurpose accessory that when you discover it, it will become your favorite of the summer.

Talk later UPF50 + certified sun protection scarf from Marta Masi, which has an exclusive design with invisible automatics. It is a garment that you can place in a multitude of positions to protect the areas you want at all times: rolled around the neck, jacket style, like poncho… Infinity of positions so that you choose at all times which part of your body to protect. In fact, it includes small transparent automatic to be able to create the different positions.

It costs 49 eurosIt is made of a very soft fabric and has a certificate that guarantees maximum protection against solar rays. In addition, it is ideal for its printed in neutral tones It goes with everything and we also love it because it is made in Spain. And although from the firm they propose to wear it as a shawl, the truth is that there are endless ways to place it like this asymmetrical top what do you propose Erea Louro.

The influencer, who proposes a lot of very practical and functional style tricks almost daily, also taught the best way to tie it on the head. And, sometimes we forget to protect our heads from the sun and both hair and scalp suffer the damages of the same.

Have you taken note? It is a perfect accessory even to carry in your bag and take out at the right time. It is also super possession since the scarves are another of the ‘must have’ of this summer. We want it!

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