The suit that Nuria Roca has worn in El Hormiguero is a very original one that stylizes a lot


Like every week Nuria Roca has returned to participate in one of the programs ‘The Hormiguero’ And yes, she has surprised and succeeded again with her latest look. After sweeping this style with a Mango dress and red ankle boots and even the most beautiful and original raincoat, the collaborator has appeared on television with a suit that his followers liked a lot and not only for its design, but also for its styling effect.

Nuria Roca participates every Thursday in a very fun gathering with her husband Juan del Val, Tamara Falcó, Cristina Pardo and the presenter Pablo Motos. A section in which he shows off his best television looks and the last one has once again been a success. The collaborator chose a Sita Murt suit in velvet and asymmetric stripe print of different colors. A set formed by a long blazer with flaps and without button closure (245 euros) and some high-waisted trousers, elephant foot and fluid cut (145 euros).

And it is that betting on the vertical stripes It is a success if what you want to achieve is a styling power in your figure and look taller. Unlike horizontal stripes, vertical stripes provide a visual effect that makes you appear taller. And even more so, if you opt for pants like Nuria Roca’s, high-waisted and whose hem is flush with the ground. The presenter paired this outfit with a white cropeed top and heeled sandals, leaving all the prominence to this beautiful design. We love!

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