The Stradivarius trousers that most stylize and lengthen the legs


We are not going to tell you anything new: you will already know well that denim never goes out of style and is always part of the proposals of the best designers (and of our favorite low cost stores). At the end of the 20th century, Time magazine chose jeans as the most relevant fashion piece in history and, over the last decades, jeans have been reinterpreted, reinvented and customized in a thousand ways. We could not live without our favorite jeans, they are our star garment for day to day.

If you need new ones to renew your wardrobe and you have not yet made your first purchase of
new collection, here is a good candidate to sneak into your closet. These high-waisted jeans from
Stradivarius They promise to be a real best seller as soon as the temperatures drop a bit (so hurry up and book them as soon as possible).

And is that these jeans have everything to become our favorite garment: being high-waisted, they visually lengthen the legs (they make them seem endless!), They have five pockets that feel great and
are available in various colors: white, beige, black, light blue, dark blue and medium blue (note that dark tones are the most flattering). The options are endless, you decide! And don’t miss it: some models also have broken details so you can bring out your rocker side in the fall.


The good news? That cost only
25.99 euros. If you want to indulge yourself in fashion, don’t think twice.


They are a true fashion investment: keep in mind that this type of jeans brings instant glamor and sophistication, is suitable for any occasion and is really
becomingas it instantly stylizes and combines luxury with everything. They took a lot in the 90s and we couldn’t be happier because they are finally back.

To go to work, wear them with a
White shirt and with high-heeled shoes to balance the look. Do you have dinner with your friends? If you combine them with a lingerie top, you will succeed for sure. If you want to achieve a casual look, the best thing you can do is resort to some
fashion sneakers already a basic t-shirt. And just imagine how good they would look with all your leather jackets and cowboy ankle boots … To the basket!

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