The sports-inspired jacket that luxury brands have turned into the new star piece of the season


Although it is usually the street that takes inspiration from the catwalks, it is increasingly common for the path to be reversed. And it is that the thin line that separates the urban sport aesthetic from the elegant sophistication that is presupposed to the luxurious proposals of the parades is increasingly blurred, favoring phenomena such as the exaltation of garments that until now were in common use to celebrate them as designer pieces. In this context, winter clothes They are among the most successful in transitioning this season. If we have already seen how shirt jacket swept as the most suitable for the most relaxed looks or the short jackets They slipped into the list of the most wanted of the fall, now it is the turn of a more daring one if possible: the kangaroo jacket.

It is, as its name suggests, a jacket with a front zipper that only reaches the middle of the chest and that at the bottom has a pocket with two side openings. Although it is not likely that you already own one, you have seen it more than once. It is not a groundbreaking pattern, what is new is seeing it outside a hiking trail, since they are usually made of technical fabrics that protect from the cold and rain.

Fashion show o / i 2020-21 by Christian Dior.

Fashion show o / i 2020-21 by Christian Dior.

We have been surprised by discovering her repeatedly starring in some of the looks from international parades. Among them stands out, for example Dior, who in the hands of Maria Grazia Chiuri has made a jacket in felted wool mixed with angora and incorporated hood. Without a doubt, the most refined way of declining the sporty aesthetic.

Lacoste o / i 2020-21 show.

Lacoste o / i 2020-21 show.

But they have not been the only ones, other great houses like Hermes, Lacoste or Michael Kors they have followed the same trail and seem ready to reach the summit.

Parade o / i 2020-21 of Herm & egrave; s.

Hermès o / i 2020-21 show.

Fortunately, low-cost firms have intercepted the call and come to our rescue with proposals that allow us to adapt the jacket to our budgets, whether in fabrics such as denim or gabardine, to eye-catching colors such as purple.

Kangaroo jacket, by Bershka (39.99 €).

Kangaroo jacket, by Bershka (€ 39.99).

Zara has also joined this trend and within its Join Life line it has incorporated a kangaroo jacket that, in addition to a loose pattern and an ecru color, is made of recycled PET fiber.

Kangaroo jacket, from Zara (39.95 & euro;).

Kangaroo jacket, from Zara (€ 39.95).

To add a bit of color to the look, the more powerful hues in the palette are the perfect companions for this jacket. A resource that is equally valid for the city, suitable to combine with garments such as pleated skirts, printed pants or leather miniskirts.

Kangaroo jacket, by Carhartt Wipp (99.95 €).

Kangaroo jacket, by Carhartt Wipp (€ 99.95).

Kangaroo jacket, by Bershka (29.99 €).

Kangaroo jacket, by Bershka (€ 29.99).

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