The spectacular look with Zara’s printed pants that is sweeping Instagram


Striking patterned pants have become one of the hottest summer trends. And we love it that way, since they give any look a cheerful touch that will take several years off your mind.

In particular, today we want to talk about some Zara pants that are succeeding on social networks. And surely you have also seen it on the street. The reason is simple. On the one hand, they are very flattering and allow you to show off a great guy. On the other, they have
a very affordable price. What more could you want?

The last to get hold of them has been Rocío Osorno, one of our favorite Instagram queens. And it is that practically any garment looks very elegant. A simple black top complements the ensemble perfectly. And to round out the look, he has opted for
high-heeled sandals.

The pants have a fun multicolored print with a clear seventies inspiration. Without a doubt, this is what Instagram has fallen in love with (and we too). In addition, they have two pockets on the back that accentuate that retro air. They are medium shot and
cropped cut, so they suit tall women especially well.

Printed pants triumph in the networks /


Although it is subtly hidden, they have a triple closure: zipper, interior button and metal hook. That way, you won’t have to worry about your pants getting out of place no matter how much you move, jump, or dance.

They have been so successful that size XS is already out of stock on the brand’s website, but you can still find them in all the others (S, M and L). Of course, it is better not to overthink it. As for its price, it is
€ 29.95.

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