The shirt dress ‘made in Spain’ by Nuria Roca that confirms the tie dye trend and is luxurious with sandals


A few weeks ago we warned you that there was a
print that was starting to hit hard: the tye die. And, despite seeing it to several celebrities, we realized that many low cost firms had included some garment of this style in their collections. An example of this is the Zara dress by Nagore Robles or the new Stradivarius collection. Now, it has been
Nuria Roca who has been in charge of confirming this trend with a
dress shirt ideal.

Nuria knows well the power of a shirt dress and often uses this type of garment that she favors for various reasons. Its flowing and loose design on the skirt is perfect for the cooler days and to hide everything, its cut close to the waist with a belt looks great and enhances the silhouette and its button closure and shirt collar gives a sophisticated touch that you like very much. A formula that is repeated many times and that has now once again shown that it is luxurious with a tie dye model.

It is the Silk Dress model of the Spanish firm
Michonet, a
silk dress, with a strawberry shirt style and featuring a beautiful and elegant tie dye print. An effect on the actual fabric, which is
made with Japanese techniques time consuming. Therefore, all the garments are different, hence their beauty.


185 euros And the bad news is that it is only available in size M, so if it’s yours, don’t miss out because it looks great. With puffed short sleeves, shirt collar … Ideal! Nuria combined it with some
Alohas heeled sandals and tote bag. A very summery and trendy look that she has shared on Instagram and that you have to copy yes or yes.

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