The secret of the stars’ perfect hair is Olaplex


Have you always assumed that the women of the Star System dedicated to their hair care and treatments unattainable for an “ordinary” woman? Have you always imagined (and in many cases it is true) the star of the moment surrounded by a complete staff of hairdressers who perform very expensive treatments on his hair to make it shiny, soft, flawless?

Well, today we have sensational news for you: the secret of some of the Hollywood celebrities have revealed the name of the product that allows them to always show off perfect hair. This is the line of Olaplex professional hair products, that you can buy very well too and even make it at home!

Those who have a passion for news on VIPs were probably already aware of this gem, since many have talked about it on their social profiles. Eg, in 2016 Ilary Blasy sported a perfect total blonde thanks to Olaplex; in 2017 we talked about Antonella Mosetti’s daughter: Asia Nuccetelli goes blonde, thanking her hair stylist and claiming that her hair is super soft thanks to Olaplex with an Instagram post.
But let’s move on to the products: let’s think about the celebrities who use this extraordinary line.

Olaplex products for molecular reconstruction: what they are and how they work

First of all we need to make a clarification: Olaplex is divided into both salon product line that in a line for home use consisting of shampoo, conditioner and treatment, protagonists of the DIY rebuild kitTrinomial of Dreams“.

What you will think so quickly is that there is a difference in terms of effectiveness between the do-it-yourself product and the salon one … wrong! There is a difference, but it is only in terms of function. In fact, Olaplex molecular reconstruction salon products are used by the hairdresser or colorist for protect hair during bleaching and aggressive treatments. The patented formulation created by two biochemists is the only one on the market capable of reconnecting and multiplying the disulfide bridges: these are those bonds that make up the hair structure and tend to separate due to various forms of stress. Hence, the use of Olaplex not only as a protector but also as a restructuring at the molecular level.

Olaplex N ° 1 and N ° 2 are the products used by professionals in the salon. The line for domestic use, on the other hand, consists of Olaplex N ° 3, N ° 4 and N ° 5.
What they have in common is the formulation based on the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate molecule, which is the active ingredient capable of protecting hair during exposure to chemical treatment and rebuilding sulfur bridges. Its action is foolproof against damage from mechanical stress, dyes, discolorations and so on that made our hair brittle and dull.

The Trinomio dei Sogni kit, consisting of all three products (shampoo, conditioner and treatment) for those who need a hair restorative action, it was just meant to be done at home with absolutely affordable costs, especially when compared to those of many other treatments in the salon.

Which Stars use Olaplex?

Olaplex is a US company born in Hollywood and it is in the USA that the product began its climb to success, where the testimonial is Tracey Cunningham, the hairstylist of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez.

A declared Olaplex-addicted is Kim Kardashian that “hops” in a casual way from a platinum blonde to a jet black without caring about it and seems to have infected Sister Chloe too which lately has shown off a bit all the nuances.

Besides them, too Kaley Cuoco is Ashley Tisdale they do treatments with Olaplex and the results are visible in all of them. Among the most recent social images in this regard, those posted on Instagram by Drew Barrymore they definitely caught the eye, showing an amazing before and after!

If then even Clio Make-up, the well-known beauty blogger was “forced” by the repeated questions of her fans to address the topic on her very popular blog, not having even tried it yet, there must be a reason!

it seems that Olaplex acts from the inside to rebuild the structure of the hair fiber in a lasting and effective way and not just aesthetic / momentary (…) Do you want me to try it and then tell you what effects it had on me and what do I really think?”He wrote already in 2016, to then define it revolutionary and formidable in 2018 in a new article where he is enthusiastic, explaining how it works.

So will it be worth trying?

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