The rejuvenating look of Tamara Falcó with ripped jeans, blazer and stilettos that we want to copy for this weekend


For some time now, Tamara Falcó drives us crazy. The sympathy of the Marchioness of Griñón, her participation in ‘The Hormiguero’ and its characteristic style, have made it one of the influencers of the moment. She uses men’s shirts like no one else (perhaps with Nuria Roca as a great competitor), she is the queen of denim trends and she dares with the most risky changes of look. Without a doubt, it seems that Tamara Falcó It has rejuvenated over the years.

The last look that she has shown us on Instagram has made us fall in love with her absolute simplicity and its combination of modern and classic touches in a single set. Judge for yourself:

On the one hand, ripped knee jeans and distressed details add the modern touch the look needs. Are from Zara And, although we are not too sure of the exact model that Tamara wears, on her website you can find jeans very similar to hers, such as these mom-fit jeans with ripped, high-rise and anklets, exactly like hers. You can find them in Zara from size 32 to 42 for 25.95 euros.

The blazer is by Massimo Duti and its classic air contrasts with the modern touch of jeans, giving it personality to the whole. It is a black model with a peak lapel collar with two flap pockets on the front and an opening on the back. It costs 129 euros and is available in all sizes.

But without a doubt, what we liked the most about the set are her stilettos and they are also the most unattainable. It is a pair of low-heeled shoes Chanel with pointed finish, thin heel and ankle strap. Made with double material, such as Chanel’s classic shoes but with a different touch: instead of the traditional beige part, it has been replaced by vinyl. They are shoes that give an elegant point to any look.

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