The overshirt is the most difficult viral garment to combine: this is how you have to wear it so as not to overdo the rustic thing (especially if you have a large size)


If you don’t have one yet overshirt in your mid-season wardrobe, surely you are about to buy it. This comfortable and rustic garment has become the most viral of the fall, especially in its more country version with checkered prints. All the cost collections offer overshirts, with multiple variations: long almost like coats, plush, corduroy, in heavier fabrics, with lighter textiles … No matter how you buy them. The fundamental thing when taking it out on the street, especially if you want to take advantage of it in looks for the office, is not to insist on your basically comfortable spirit. It is not worth combining them with shirts and jeans, without more. If we don’t want to get dangerously close to the disguise of woodcutter, touches sophistication.

This question of the sophistication is especially key in plus-size outfits: being the largest overshirts, the perception that the picture dominate the look is greater. We need to counteract them with garments that breathe another atmosphere, for example ‘praerie’ dresses, with volume or lace. The more feminine and sophisticated, the better they will be with an overshirt. And if you add some boots military or platform, better than better. The game of contrasts is fantastic.

Another foolproof formula for short-circuit the generous and enveloping silhouette of the overshirts is to include a top, as concise as possible, or any garment with transparencies. Emphasizing the silhouette to the maximum allows us to show off these spacious outerwear without centimeters the rest. You choose what tone you give the contrast: if a rather sexy style or something more radical with a sporty set of top and leggings. In either case, the overshirt it works perfectly.

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