The original printed Mango set with which you will succeed: culottes and matching vest


A printed set is the ideal casual look for the last afternoons of summer and the first of autumn. In addition, it is the best way to get several years off of yourself. Specifically, today we want to talk about one by Mango that is made up of pants and a vest. And it is so beautiful that we are sure that with it you will succeed.

Both garments are ecru and have
the same flower pattern in pink tones. They’re made with a textured cotton fabric. To complete the set, the best option is
a t-shirt or shirt White color. Add some trainers and the result will be a look that is as comfortable as it is flattering.

The pants are culotte type

The trousers are culotte type and with a medium rise. The straight cut makes it easy to adapt to all body types. It has belt loops at the waist and a zip and button closure.

We have two good news. The first is that it is available in
a wide variety of sizes (from 32 to 46), so it can be worn by any woman. And the second is its price:
€ 29.99.

Vest has button closure

The vest is straight, short and of course sleeveless. The V-neck helps create a highly stylized silhouette. It also has an ecru button closure on the front.

You can still find it
in all sizes: from XS to XL. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it soon started to run out. Costs
€ 29.99.

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