The original asymmetric-waisted jean from the new Stradivarius that stylizes the figure and is already selling out


If you are thinking of renew your jeansYou should know that there is a trend that was already seen last year and that it seems that this spring is going to sweep away. We talk about crossed pants or also called asymmetric waist. A design that has reached the jeans in the new Stradivarius collection and that they are going to win the game over those who are the most requested by Zara.

We are talking about jeans from mom fit cut that have just arrived at the Inditex signature and that their characteristic element resides in the closure. The trouser button is on one side and in a lower area than usual. Besides, the zipper is lopsided. A design that gets the waist to do this famous V-cut effect that stylizes a lot and that they have other 90s style garments like bikinis.

And it seems that we are not the only ones who have signed this novelty, because they are jeans that already are out of stock from size 23 to 40 and only sizes 42 and 44 are available on the web. And we are not surprised, because they cost only 25.99 euros and they have the leg with broken, one of the trends of the season. In addition, they have a straight fit that fits very well and it is now very fashionable. We are already looking forward to Stradivarius replenishing them, and you?

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