The original (and reduced) pareo dress from Zara that feels great and is a success on Instagram


Between the
Zara viral garmentsIn addition to finding this printed ensemble, we have found a super trend garment that is triumphing this season: the best-selling pareo skirt that Nagore Robles has worn. This design, normally crossed and knotted on one side, has become one of the favorites of the moment and such is its success that it has also reached dresses. Yes, you read that right, Zara has also launched
the dress-sarong and it is so beautiful that the influencers have already surrendered to it.

It’s about a
long mini dress, short sleeves which has a nice cross design, so far so good. However, it is a garment that has triumphed a lot because the lower part
simulates a pareo skirt that is crossed and with a knot on the side hip. In addition, it is very popular for its flattering tile color and its rough fabric that we think is the most summery.


Ideal, right? The influencers have passed judgment and have shown that it is a garment that looks great and that you can use both for a day at the beach and for day to day, all depending on how you combine it. Yes, both
Ana Fernández, as María Segar and Gema Palazuelos match: the best way to combine it is with
black accessories. All add a bag in this tone and get a perfect look.

The bad new? What is a dress that Zara has included in its sales section and, as expected,
he’s exhausted. It cost 29.95 euros and now you can get it for
19.99 euros, a good discount that, with a bit of luck, you can catch in a physical store. It is worth looking for!

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