The new Stradivarius boho-style midi dress that you will wear now with sandals and in autumn with boots


We are sorry to tell you this, but you must start thinking about
prepare your closet for halftime and when the temperatures begin to drop. But since we understand that we don’t want to buy more winter clothes with all of August ahead of us, we have thought that it is a good idea to sign others that
you can use now, but also later. After taking note of the trend of the clogs-mules that you will wear at halftime, we have found a
boho dress you just came to
Stradivarius and to which you are going to get a lot out of it.

The Inditex firm has updated its new collection and, in addition to making it clear that tie dye has become the favorite print of the season, it has launched
very wearable garments that already invite you to think about autumn. And among all of them, we have stayed with a dress that seems to us a perfect purchase because
It is very wearable and you can give it a lot of use.


Long dresses to dream of good weather

It is a dress
midi length which is starred by a nice
khaki floral and pasley print. It is half sleeve, has a V-neckline with buttons and a flowing skirt that seems to be super comfortable. In addition, it also has a fitted design at the waist and under the chest that makes it a garment that feels great. Cost
25.99 euros and it is available from size XS to XL.

Have a
boho style ideal that never goes out of style and that makes it perfect for both summer and winter. In fact, its fresh and flowing design is now suitable to wear with a flat sandal or with slippers and achieve a
super flattering casual look. But having long sleeves and a skirt length that covers a lot, it is also a dress
suitable for fall if you decide to wear it with boots and add a light jacket. The best purchase of the week!

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