The Nagore Robles animal print midi dress that is ideal with boots and perfect leather


The dresses and skirts are always a good choice whatever the weather, but when the sun begins to shine, it is a more attractive option. H&M always offers us a wide selection, such as the knitted outfit that Tamara Falcóo recently wore and the mini dress that Nagore Robles combined with boots a couple of weeks ago. She is precisely who we are going to talk about today with her latest acquisition from the Swedish brand, a leopard print midi dress that has made us fall in love.

In its publication the details of the dress are not appreciated, but we have searched for it on the H&M website and we have found what garment it is. Is a soft drape midi dress with long sleeves and v-neckline pronounced, wide buttoned cuffs, flared skirt with pleats and gathered shoulders and back yoke. It is available in three colors: Nagore’s leopard print, yellow and red. Also now You can find it reduced, from 49.99 to 24.99 euros but there are very few sizes left.

H & amp; M leopard print dress

H&M leopard print dress

We do not know how she combined her dress, since the image is a selfie inside your car, while going to work, but browsing the brand’s website, we have found the ideal combination: biker boots and a perfect black faux leather. The boots are high-waisted and biker-type with a low heel and platform. You can find them for 39.99 euros.

Biker boots, by H & amp; M

Biker boots, by H&M

As to the perfect leather ideal to combine with this dress, there are many options, but we have opted for a short fitted faux leather biker with lapels at the neck. Its price is also ideal, since it costs 39.99 euros, but, being such a fashionable garment, you can find many other options both in H&M and in other fashion stores.

H&M Leather Perfect

H&M Leather Perfect

The television company wears a broad smile in its Instagram post showing us the result of your dental treatment that she recommends: “the best, the braces,” she advised a follower who asked her about her teeth. In addition, he told us his secret to have such a glowing skin and always look so natural and spectacular: “Rest, treatments every two weeks, meditate, easy daily routines, leave work happy, yoga, my dog, be happy in general …”.

It is clear that Nagore Robles is going through a very happy stage and that shows on his face. And we love it.

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