The most original skirt of the moment is this one from Zara that is sweeping on Instagram and you can also wear it in autumn


It is time to start buying clothes that we can use now, but also when it starts to cool. Although there is a lot of summer ahead, the truth is that the drop in temperatures is just around the corner, so you have to prepare for it.
halftime. An example of this are the flared jeans by Nuria Roca, this boho dress by Stradivarius and the
zara skirt that is already sweeping Instagram and we want to show you today.

It is a short sand-colored linen skirt that has a
straight cut and high waisted very easy. However, the characteristic of this garment is the opening on one side and the detail of
two strings with beads than the ends of that opening. Cost
29.95 euros and this design so original, as expected, already
it’s running out on the firm’s website. In fact, sizes S and M are already missing and no wonder …


In addition, it is a garment that is part of the
Green to Wear 2.0 standard, which aims to minimize the environmental impact of textile production. It is about a program called ‘The List of Inditex’ that helps us to
guarantee both the cleanliness of the production processes such as the safety and health of our garments.

Influencers have already approved its flattering effect and have combined it with a
white shirt with a black top. In both houses, they are summer proposals, but what we love about this skirt is that you can use it with
a turtleneck and boots and succeed with her also in autumn. We want it!

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