The most beautiful, warm and original feathers have been worn by Naty Abascal with this look perfect for the cold


The stormy Philomena has caused, in addition to a chaotic situation in several cities and lots of snow, that we get out of the closet the warmest garments we have. Even, many and many have dared with ski clothing. So much so, that since the writing we have already signed the most beautiful and cheap waterproof snow boots. However, if what you are looking for is inspiration and a padded jacket for these days of negative degrees, pay attention to this look that Naty Abascal has worn. The most!

The Haute Couture model has been one of the many celebrities who have updated their Instagram profile with a photograph of what is already the historic snowfall that has collapsed cities such as Madrid and Toledo. Naty, who is a style icon in each and every one of her appearances, opted for an après ski outfit from Perfect Moment.

A style formed by some black waterproof pants, which combined with a jturtleneck ersey in red and contrasting stripes in white and navy blue (393.39 euros). Naty also added some matching black boots. However, it was his padded jacket that we liked the most. It’s about a very warm orange down jacket From the same firm that we have already found similar and much cheaper.

In Zalando we have found this model of Tommy Hilfiger, very similar to the one that Naty herself has brought, but much cheaper. It cost 179 and now you can get it for 143 euros. A little discount that we appreciate a lot and an affordable price for a quality coat in which it is worth investing. In addition, it will give an original and fun touch on these days when the cold is the protagonist. We love!

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