The most beautiful sweater of the season is from H&M, it is sold out and has a long waiting list


We don’t know what happens to H&M that is more fashionable than ever. May Zara forgive us but, right now, it is the brand that is sweeping the most, especially with specific garments that have broken stock in a matter of days. We recently told you about the jewel button cardigan that is sweeping Instagram, sold out and with a waiting list. The same as the knitted vest with sequins from the Swedish firm that we have signed to the influencers and of which there is no size left. Our favorite television collaborators, such as Nagore Robles, or actresses such as Andrea Duro, who have combined a dress from the brand with trendy boots, cannot resist wearing clothes from the brand.

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That is why we are no longer surprised that another of his star garments has been sold out, a super soft textured ruffle jumper We have been looking for weeks and there is no way to buy. In store it is more than sold out and on the web it has a waiting list that hasn’t progressed for weeks. Is this.

This is the latest H & amp; M garment to become a bestseller and has had a waiting list for weeks.

This is the latest H&M garment that has become a bestseller and has had a waiting list for weeks.

What makes it so special? Its timeless color, between gray and beige, which goes with absolutely everything but looks especially good with jeans. Also its mix of point types, making different drawings on the garment. Also her ultra-flattering square neckline, but above all her spectacular frills and the shape of their sleeves. It’s made from recycled polyester and is machine washable. It costs 29.99 euros but as we told you, not a single size is available. Weeks ago, when it was not yet hot to think of a sweater, they were available from XS to XXL. Now, with a bit of luck, you can find the biggest ones but the rest have all been waiting for days.

Detail of the different braided knit of the H & amp; M sweater.

Detail of the different braided knit of the H&M sweater.

Still we don’t lose hope and we know that there’s a long season ahead. Of course, we do not stop looking at the mail so that, as soon as they notify us that it has arrived in our size, we can buy it without wasting time. It’s really worth the effort.

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