The most beautiful H&M coat is pink and oversized (and we want it already in our closet)


While it is true that there is nothing like a coat in a neutral tone so that it lasts us a lifetime -this winter our big bet has been the white ones- it is also true that one that has a different color will add a touch of trend to our look. At first, we opted for plaid coats, but it is not necessary to resort to prints to add color to an autumn look. Olivia Palermo did it with a blue coat and now we are going to do it with a pink one. An H&M model that nobody is going to believe that it is low cost.

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Is about an oversized coatLong, with dropped and wide sleeves, made of Italian wool blend twill, with wide lapels and a crossover cut that fastens with double breasts and features side pockets. A masterpiece that match any color: we love it with white pants -as the influencer Naomi Ross wears- or with garnet tones in the same color palette. Sneakers, ankle boots, moccasins … as for footwear, it can be worn with all because this coat adapts to both a dress and a sport look.

Have a price of 129 euros and there are still sizes from XS to XL, but it promises to sell out soon because it is already one of the favorites of international influencers.

H & amp; M pink coat (129 euros).

H&M pink coat (129 euros).

If you do not dare with pink, this same model is available in the Swedish firm in two other colors, camel and black, with the same price. Although it is in camel color in which it has been sold the most because there are already sold out sizes and others that have a waiting list. Will the same thing happen with pink?

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