The most beautiful and romantic blouse of the season is this one with a bobo collar from Zara Home (and you can go dressed to match your daughter)


Inditex is changing the rules of the shopping game. Again. Masterfully. Again. The Arteixo giant is turning into a Google ‘fashionista’: anything you imagine and look for, you can find it in one of their stores. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shopping cart (at Zara) or a wedding dress (at Oysho). But, undoubtedly, the palm goes to Zara Home, where we can find everything from the obvious (decoration) to a vintage iron board, fashion books, garden tools, a barbecue, cooking recipes or the most beautiful clothes of the season. Our latest crush? A super romantic blouse that we can also wear to match our daughter.

We have to admit that what we have had with this blouse with a bobo neck from Zara Home (25.95 euros), more than a crush has been a deep crush on chapters, as in the best romance novels. First, we look at the detail of her embroidered collar almost by chance, looking on the Inditex firm’s website for a home set as comfortable as this one from Vicky Martín Berrocal. Later, we discovered that it was a wonderful poplin blouse that, although it was intended as pajamas, we wanted to go out on the street. And, when we went shopping, we found out that it was going to be combined with a children’s two-piece that would allow us go game with our daughter. And of course, who could resist?

Although originally, as we said, it was created as pajamas, it is not the first time that we wear clothes to go to sleep or to be at home to go out. And without a doubt This blouse has all the ballots to become the star of our most romantic looks. In its adult version (sizes S, M and L), we imagine it in almost any combination: with jeans for ´casual ‘looks, with a pencil silhouette skirt in very feminine styles, with a formal suit to soften a’ working look. girl ‘, or under a cardigan or sweater to shape one of the trends of the season. To go with the smallest of the house (29.95 euros, in sizes from 1 to 9 years), they can use it, in addition to as pajamas, under their bibs or dresses. And you will be the envy of Instagram … and the park!

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