The most beautiful and rejuvenating dress of the El Corte Inglés sales costs less than € 15


We have said it on other occasions, but we never tire of repeating it because it is a great truth:
the star garment of summer is the dress. It is the best choice to be beautiful and fresh at the same time. And this is something that is appreciated on the hottest days (and nights).

That is why every year brands bring us a multitude of options for all tastes. We already show you the most comfortable and beautiful Lefties and the Mango one that is sweeping the influencers. But if what you are looking for is one that makes you feel younger, keep reading, because we have found the dress you need. And it is so beautiful that you will want to take it everywhere.

It is a dress from the Easy Wear brand. Although this firm specializes in youth fashion, this model looks good at any age. In fact, it has become our favorite find in the El Corte Inglés sales.

The dress will take years off you

Its greatest virtue is simplicity: it is smooth and black in color. This not only makes it very flattering, it also makes it the ideal garment for summer nights. It’s made of cotton and has a short design made up of poplin panels. The sleeve is short and puffed, following one of the main trends of the season.


Clogs, the most original footwear in your wardrobe

You just have to combine it with simple flat sandals. In this way, you will get
a fresh and casual look that will take several years off you.

It is only available in three sizes (34, 36, 38). But we have good news: in addition to sitting great, it is very cheap. Therefore, it is within the reach of all pockets, even the tightest ones. And, although its price was € 29.99, it is reduced to € 14.99.

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