The most beautiful 2020 trends in decoration to celebrate an unforgettable wedding


If you get married in 2020 you not only have to focus on looking for your ideal wedding dress, you also have to take into account the decoration trends to celebrate the most spectacular wedding you can imagine and with which you have always dreamed.

The purpose of the wedding day is that everything goes well and that the guests feel comfortable. So the decoration of the environment to receive them is essential. The weddings minimalist, natural and personal Are the wedding deco trends 2020 and fashion preferences to celebrate a perfect wedding.

Spaces full of lights

Wedding Decorating Trends 2020 4

The trend of the moment is weddings held on farms, takes the cottage style, also known as country chic. Celebrations framed by thousands of light bulbs illuminating the space. A very romantic backdrop for that special moment such as the banquet.

Also in the cocktail area the lights are lit illuminating words, the name or the initials of the bride and groom. All with neon lights, bulbs or LEDs and sometimes combined with balloons.

Spectacular centerpieces: flowers and candles

Month Centers

The banquet tables are one of the most important details, since your guests will be there. The decoration is very careful and warm. The centerpieces for a wedding They are undoubtedly the protagonists of each table, clearly accompanied by crockery, cutlery and glassware, but the centers take all eyes. Flowers and candles They are the most chosen bets of bridal decoration to dress a table.

Candle Decoration

The tables are not only white or pastel, they are now being introduced a touch of color in the flowers of the centers or even in the dishes, a perfect choice if you want to get contrast with the linens. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas and ranunculus are the flowers that are most used for these occasions.

The centerpieces for a romantic wedding They combine flowers and candles. They take a lot for this type of celebration the centers of tall and striking flowers. If the wedding is rustic inspired the flowers chosen are wild placed in vessels or woods.

Wedding Decorating Trends 2020 3

Find your site

Find Your Site

The options of decoration to assign the tables of the guests They are very varied and original. Finding your site usually has a backdrop vintage It is the trend at the moment, so the list of guests of each table is usually hung on a wall or wood adorned with lights or flowers, written on a blackboard, on strings hung by tweezers … simple but original details to make sitting place A special space.

Wedding Decorating Trends 2020

Of course, they are accompanied by Special names on the tables. The numbers are no longer carried, now the tables have names according to the personal tastes of the couple: songs, movies, actors and actresses, athletes …

Bathrooms with all kinds of details

The kits bathroom for guests They cannot be missing from a wedding and they are very easy to prepare. A pair of wicker baskets, one for guests and one for guests, are ideal and come great with products of "first aid": strips, scarves, gum, candy, sewing pack, tampax, wipes, limes … If you want to take even more care you can order it and personalize it with funny phrases.

Fireworks and flares can crown a unique, special and unforgettable day.

Photo | Pere & Marga, JAIAK, Joan Conejo, Three Loonies

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