The most appealing and flattering jeans from the Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez collection for Cortefiel with which to create a very spring-like style


There is a garment that has been with us almost constantly for decades: jeans; although it has undergone some changes over the years. For example, the waistline took a long way from the high waisted of the 1970s and 1980s to the low waist we used to wear in the early 21st century.

Today, the variety that we can find in stores is wider than ever and not even the famous ones can resist them. Sara Carbonero (who may be in love again) and Isabel Jiménez have not wanted to be left behind and his new collection for Cortefiel is a sample of it.

They have jeans for all tastes, but we have selected three with which, in a very simple way, you can achieve a most desirable spring look. And the best thing about jeans is that they are very easy to combine and, depending on how you do it, you can achieve a casual look or another more elegant one. Forever without losing comfort.

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The first is a cropped bell bottom trousers. In addition to the classic blue tone, you can find it in beige, pink and white. It is available in all sizes from 34 to 44. As for its price, it is € 59.99.

These are our favorites as they have the cut that feels best regardless of body type. They are also the most versatile, as they are even suitable for taking to the office.

For those who prefer a more retro style, they bring blue flared and high-waisted jeans. But the best thing is the washed effect of this garment has been achieved in a sustainable way. They have it in all sizes (from 34 to 44) and it costs € 59.99.

The combination of the high waist and the flared cut will enhance your curves (even if you have few), creating a very attractive figure. Of course, it suits tall women better.

Finally, we have chosen blue boyfriend pants. Like the other two, it is available in all sizes from 34 to 44 and is priced at € 59.99.

In addition to being very comfortable, this cut will help you enhance your buttocks while giving your legs a slimmer appearance. What more can you ask for in jeans?

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