The messy bun: how to make the fake disheveled chignon


The disheveled effect on the hair is undoubtedly one of the most trendy at the moment; but how to avoid going from a deliberately and only apparently neglected effect to a truly messy one?

Obviously we cannot ignore the hair care, from washing and attention to their health, because the risk of showing off a hair that is not only fake, but really unkempt is just around the corner! So off with frizz, split ends and all those imperfections that make our hair look uncared for.

Take care of this part, which is undoubtedly the most important, we can then move on to choose the fake-disheveled look that we like best and represents us: among the great trends of recent years undoubtedly stands out the messy bun, or lo chignon messy, perfect for everyday looks, but also for the most glamorous outings.

Some of us may have always called it “spring onion”, and thought (wrongly) that this was simply the emergency hairstyle in case of dirty hair, ideal for days spent at home, with a sweatshirt and fleece jumpsuit on. .

Mistaken: The messy bun is really one of the hottest trends of the moment, also chosen by many designers during their fashion shows. People like it because it obviously highlights the facial features, leaves the face free from unwanted locks, and is actually a chic solution for those who don’t have time to wash their hair, or don’t feel particularly good with loose hair.

What is the messy bun?

So let’s see in detail what we are talking about: it is a chignon created in a (purposely) casual way, which adapts to hair of any length: it goes from the classic “onion” hair up to the more complicated variants, and they do not mind not even the brides.

The messy bun is able to combine the elegance of a collected hair with the simplicity of the fake disheveled effect, which always gives a touch of beauty and informality.

Making it, then, is really simple, you don’t need to have particularly developed manual skills or techniques, you just need a little patience to fix it in a minute. But how can we do?

How to make a perfect messy bun

We assume that the Internet, and in particular YouTube, offer a myriad of ideas to create different and perfect messy buns; there are so many tutorial online that explain how to make these disheveled buns in a minute or so. However, if we wanted to summarize the main steps, here’s what you need to do:

  1. brush your hair moving it from roots to ends to get some volume;
  2. bring your head forward to create a classic high ponytail, which you will fix with an elastic;
  3. use a second rubber band and take it for a spin;
  4. on the second round leave part of the hair out, almost to create a soft bow with your hair, fixed by the elastic;
  5. use the strands left out by turning them around the chignon, to create the disheveled effect, and secure them with hairpins;
  6. with the fingers given more texture to the hairstyle, they pull out small strands of hair, especially at the level of the ears.

When the result is satisfactory for you, you can fix everything with a light lacquer, and also add some precious details, such as hair clips, jewel clips and even foulard, knotted at the nape of the neck like a headband. In this way we will have a chic and elegant look, ideal both for daytime outfits and for some more important evening occasion.

10 messy buns to inspire you

The web, as mentioned, is a harbinger of tutorials and messy bun images from which to be inspired, to also understand the different techniques to make them and to choose the one we like best. In the gallery we have proposed a selection.

The messy bun, the (fake) disheveled chignon for a glamorous and sophisticated look

Source: Pinterest

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