The ‘made in Spain’ fashion brand that has fallen in love with Helen Lindes for its originality, modern lines, sophistication and elegance


The Spanish brandsBoth in the world of fashion and beauty, they increasingly play in more important leagues. Anti-aging creams, jewelry, clothing … Spanish entrepreneurs know how to adapt to market demands to offer innovative and quality products. Today we are going to talk to you about Cyrana, the Spanish brand that has dressed all the national celebrities, from Tamara Falcó to Helen Lindes.

Lindes, one of our most appreciated models, knows how to take advantage of the most basic looks, and is one of those that has fallen into the elegance of this firm led by Elisa Álvarez García.

Cyrana was born in 2017 with her first collection of coats with very daring colors, adding other types of pieces in his second collection due to the growing demand. Their craft designs they are characterized by risk and versatility without neglecting comfort.

We have fallen in love with their new collection, which contains blouses, dresses, shorts, pants and all kinds of garments with vibrant colors and flowy fabrics that smell like summer. We selected four wonderful clothes so that you get an idea of ​​what you can find in their online store.

Paradise Dress

Mini shirt dress or overshirt made in tropical print fabric. It has a shirt collar, puffed sleeves, double flap pocket, epaulettes and lined button closure. Current price: 290 euros.

Trinidad Orange Blouse

Blouse with bow made in fluid fabric in coral color. It has a special puffed sleeve with a rubber finish and an opening by means of a hidden button. Current price: 255 euros.

Short Tropico Lime

Short, lime color, made of satin fabric. It has a double pocket with gusset and a button detail lined with a square shape. Back closure with an invisible zipper. Current price: 205 euros.

Bayahibe Yellow Palms Dress

Mini dress, made in palm tree print fabric in yellow tones. It has a v-neckline, with ruffles in it and in hem. Side closure with invisible zip. Yellow palm print. Current price: 290 euros.

As you can see, they are suitable garments both for an event and for an informal dinner With friends and, wherever you go, you will not go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

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