The jewelry brand ‘made in Spain’ that sweeps Instagram and has become the favorite of celebrities and influencers (and which you will not be able to resist either because it is super pretty and cheap)


How many times have we already said that accessories are the key to turning a look into THE LOOK? The small details are always what make the difference and make something simple become sensational. They can be comfortable heeled sandals like these that promise to be our favorites for spring and summer, the new fashionable bags, the belt that transforms looks (like this one from Queen Letizia) or the personalized scarves that are sweeping stores. Or they can also be jewelery pieces like these super original crochet earrings shared by Nuria Roca and Pilar Rubio, or the new jewels ‘made in Spain’ that triumph on Instagram and are the favorites of the famous and influencers.

Amelia Bono, in one of the rounds of questions that have become so popular among celebrities on Instagram, confessed that her favorite jewelery firm was Bonai, Aitor Gómez’s Spanish brand that emerged after a revealing trip to India and that seeks to “empower the role of women through jewelry and costume jewelery that make them feel stronger, more confident and attractive”. And we are not surprised: They are designed for all types of women, from the most classic to the most risky, young or mature, and proof of this is that they are worn by profiles with styles as different as their own Amelia Bono, Lucía Barcena, Laura Matamoros, Laura Corsini (creator of Bimani), Alice Campello or Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo.

¿The secret of your success? Simple and easy-to-wear pieces but loaded with personality, collections that combine trendy jewels (large 80s-inspired chains, earcuffs, earrings of different shades and motifs to wear combined …) with other pieces of “jeweler’s bottom” ( such as its colored stone pendants or the traditional golden ear rings) and super cheap prices: there are earrings from 16 euros, and necklaces for less than 30 euros. Irresistible.

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