The H&M dress that triumphs on Instagram you can start wearing it now and continue wearing it in autumn with a jacket


If something has become clear to us this summer, it is that the best way to achieve a beautiful and comfortable look is with a dress. And, if it is mini cut, much better. Surely you also have several in your closet. But what happens
with the arrival of autumn? Do we have to say goodbye until next year? It would be a shame, because there is nothing so flattering and versatile.

Luckily, it is not necessary. Just make a couple of modifications. To get started, add to the set
a fine knitted jacket or, if you prefer a more elegant touch, a blazer.

As for footwear, you just have to replace the sandals with boots or ankle boots in a basic and easily combinable color, such as black or brown. Whether or not they are high-heeled is a matter of taste (and also comfort), because
both options are great with dresses like this.

With the H&M dress you will get a beautiful and comfortable look

We have found a good example of this at H&M. It is as simple as it is flattering and that is why it has become a success on social networks. So, it is very possible that you have already seen it.
On Instagram.

It is a mini dress in a cheerful green color. It has a fitted design and a high neckline. The straps are spaghetti type and cross at the back. Also has
a zipper that is hidden at the back and that allows to put it on and take it off with ease.

It’s made of a viscose blend knit fabric, so it is very comfortable. And the best thing is that it adapts to all types of bodies, since it is available in a wide variety of sizes (from XS to XXL). As for its price, it is
€ 34.99.

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