The H&M dress by Nagore Robles, besides being very flattering, is perfect to wear with boots


Nagore has changed his signature and yes, he has got it right again. The collaborator has once again worn a look formed by low cost garments with which he has triumphed again. And this time it was not from Zara. Despite the fact that the oriental dress that she wore a few days ago has been very popular, this new model will compete with her. And it is a much more wearable garment and that, like these three dresses for less than 13 euros from Lefties, is perfect for wear it with boots.

Now that ‘The island of temptations’ has started, Nagore Robles’ looks have multiplied and we not only see her wearing casual clothes in’ Women and men and vice versa ‘, but also opts for other more elegant ones for the galas of the reality. And although with the latter it is succeeding, we have to recognize that the last dress she has worn we love because it is perfect for day to day. It’s about a H&M dress in flowy jacquard fabric in a perfect salmon color.

It is a model with Round neckline and opening with concealed bracket above, characterized by its short puffed sleeves, gathered at the waist that gives flight to the skirt and a wide ruffle at the hem this. In addition, it comes with a combination of knit with a V neckline and adjustable spaghetti straps. The garment costs 59.99 euros And while it’s not the most affordable, we love it for how flattering it is.

The collaborator opted for the fall winning formula and added some original black and white cowboy boots by Jeffrey Campbell and a black belt With a wide buckle from Zara with which he gave that casual point. We love!

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