The famous 90s favorite t-shirts have returned to the trends of Zara and Pull & Bear (and they look great with jeans)


How do you turn a basic t-shirt into something eye-catching? Adding a
text or
He drew. Fashion is a form of individual expression and what better way than to use it literally to
show our likes or opinions. These garments have a lot of history, but it was in the nineties and in the first decade of the 2000 when they lived their peak. It all started with
protest t-shirts (of a political and social nature), very controversial. Then came those of
tributes to musical groups or singers. Those of
inspirational phrases. The university girls. The nostalgic ones, with images from series or movies. The artistic ones with patterned pictures. Those of
funny messages and funny. The licenses. And, there was even a time when
propaganda t-shirts they were the most.

It turns out that now the famous have returned to join this fashion of great meaning and do not miss the opportunity to wear them in singles
looks with jeans, which are very attractive due to the different and personal nature of the shirt.
Irina Shayk is the latest to join the great list of celebrities who enjoy this trend. The model made people talk when she was caught wearing a T-shirt with the image of
Britney Spears, implying that he supports the popular “Free Britney” movement that continues to create controversy.

Bella HadidFor her part, she declared herself a ‘Dior girl’ with this top so 00’s, with a checkered pattern and pink details, very ‘cheesy posh’ or ‘Barbie’ style of that time. More in line with the fight for global problems, is the actress of the moment,
Florence pugh. On her Instagram account, she uploaded an image of her with a T-shirt that read “Love knows no borders”, in support of children who suffered from coronavirus in war zones.

But, the most fanatic of this fashion, without a doubt is the singer
Miley Cyrus. She takes out her
rebellious spirit to revolutionize the whole world with his ideas, embodied in the shirts he wears. From his own face to phrases like “Miley Cyrus made me realize I’m gay”, “Canceled” or “The evil of Andy Warhol.” Bold proposals? That’s what they are for.

This selection of
90s trend t-shirts and two thousand They will suit you great with jeans, leggings or, as you decide. Of course, the wake-up call is assured.

Star Wars T-shirt with message /


Britney Spears Photo T-Shirt /


T-shirt with the phrase «Kind people are my kind» /


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