The easiest and most flattering halftime look no matter how old you are is the denim set


Both wearing the tracksuit and accommodating ourselves to the elastic waistbands has made us forget about our favorite basic,
Cowboys. There they have been … gathering dust in the closet. It is time that we give them a new chance. There is no more garment
versatile that a good cowboy, whatever his style, combines with everything, stylizes the figure and we can transform them for more formal looks. Denim has always been a winner and now it is at its worst, because either we opted for the knit, the pieces
athleisure or
loungewear For the day to day. Or, on the contrary, we go with everything and we put ourselves to the nines like good fashionistas, full of colors and with the latest designs. There is no intermediate option provided by the faithful

Well, we refuse to do so. They are many years of service for us to make them ugly. In fact, as shock therapy comes the
cowboy set. They can’t make it easier for us. What’s wrong with denim? More denim. If it was already simple to dress, with these outfits we will not spend a minute of our valuable time thinking about what to wear. The cut of the jeans does not matter: straight,
mom style, capri, skinny, flared, wide leg or
‘boot cut’. Neither the type of top (as long as it is denim, of course) or the tone of the garments. They combine perfectly, you can elevate the outfit with accessories or customize it to your liking.
This fabric was born for the total look.

If you are worried about looking like something out of a western movie, forget about it because influencers have proposals that will convince anyone. The key lies in
play with the proportions, add belts, use different patterns (such as a vest and pants that resemble the appearance of a
costume, or a
bralette), search for garments with
eye-catching details or put
contrasting accessories. Although the classic of
denim shirt and straight trousers, in fit cut, it is the wisest and most popular option.

One way to show off the set is by tucking the shirt inside the bottom garment, either leaving a peak outside for a
efortless and relaxed appearance, or adjusted, more formal, elegant and retro. The
goofy necks are very fashionable and provide that
eighties touch chic. If we build layers with
a masculine blazer or coat on the shoulders, the result will be sophisticated. Nails on
heeled sandals and a
baguette bag, in animal print, we can go from the office to a couple’s dinner.

In conjunction with some
dancers they give a very romantic and feminine feeling, a la parisienne, even more so if you wear a
basket. A fringed bag and nails
biker boots they will bring out your most daring and confident side. Meanwhile, what, if we choose some
sports and a
shopper, we will have a most comfortable everyday look.

Checked. It works with everything, everything, everything. Rescue your beloved jeans because they won’t make you regret giving them the use they deserve!

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