The dress for less than 50 euros that looks luxurious because it imitates the favorite party look of the royals (from Queen Letizia to Carolina of Monaco) signed in Zara


The cape dresses They have been, for years, the favorites of those who know the most about fashion to dazzle the big dates. Royals and red carpet stars have matched with very similar models that had a common denominator, the cape. From Karlie Kloss at the Oscars to Paula Echevarría at the wedding of her cousin Carmen (literal), and from Meghan Markle de Givenchy to Doña Letizia and Carolina de Monaco with the same Stella McCartney dress. Is now Zara the one that recovers this piece and proposes an almost exact copy of the impressive look of our Queen on William of Holland’s 50th birthday For less than 50 euros!

And, if there is an unforgettable look of Queen Letizia (in addition to the Caprile that she wore 17 years ago at the wedding of Federico de Denmark and Mery Donaldson) it is the imposing red dress with a cape by Stella McCartney that a year and a half later he copied, exactly, Carolina of Monaco. Doña Letizia was crowned as the most elegant royal of the moment, and now you can do the same, but in a ‘low cost’ version, at your next evening wedding.

Zara bets strongly on guest looks this spring, and proposes us a long fuchsia pink viscose dress With a fitted body and a round neckline that is finished off with a cape that falls from the shoulders and reaches the feet. The design, which could well be from a luxury firm, costs 49.95 euros and is available in sizes S, M and L. Of course, everything indicates that it is going to be a sensation and it will fly.

Striking and spectacular, this great party dress does not need any ‘additions’ to shine with its own light, therefore, although we will never say no to XXL earrings like those of Queen Letizia, they will suffice minimalist sandals or high-heeled stilettos and a clutch to complete the standout look. Fuchsia can be combined with neutral tones such as black or nude, also with metallic finishes and, if you want to take a risk, play ‘color block’ with accessories in blue, green or purple. Either way, the award for the perfect guest is going to be for you.

Either way, the award for the perfect guest is going to be for you.

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