The Decathlon waterproof jacket that we are going to wear on unexpected rainy days and that could triumph among influencers


It is not the first time that such an unexpected combination has surprised us and we have not gone crazy. We are not lying when we say that one of the most popular influencers wore cheap boots from decathlon, they went completely viral and then a wave of looks on Instagram with these comfortable shoes (that nobody expected) made way.

And although this time no one on Instagram has done it, we believe that this Decathlon waterproof jacket It could also sneak up on the fashion-savvy girls’ favorite for many reasons (though this pink Decathlon raincoat isn’t far behind).

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The first because it is perfect to carry in unexpected days of rain whatever the time of year. The second because unlike the rest of low cost firms, this one costs less than 25 euros. The third because it is available in three different colors. The fourth because its design is super comfortable, light, adaptable to look great and with much more style than many other clothes in your wardrobe. The fifth because it is created for hiking and withstanding the most adverse weather conditions, so taking it around the city will multiply your protection. The sixth because its fabric is eco-sustainable with the environment. And we may miss more details.

But what we do know is that it is a rain and wind resistant jacket, which adapts to all types of figures thanks to its belt with which you can decide to use or not to wear a more or less tight look, which has perfect breathability and ventilation, and is very light and comfortable to wear, since it is stored in a pocket that you can take everywhere.

Perfect for practicing sports in nature and sublime to include them in all your street looks. Whether with sneakers, ankle boots, loafers or high-heeled sandals. Choose between khaki green, petrol blue or beige and get it in Decathlon for 24.99 euros.

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