The curious invention of Amazon that will make all your heels much more comfortable


After almost a year (yes, a year, and what we have left) of teleworking, more marathons of series and movies than we would like and a life in tracksuit and slippers at home, we have to admit that we are eager to paint ourselves the eye as Andrea Duro, release those bargains that we have found in the sales and finally get on some vertigo heels. At the moment, responsibility is in charge and we have to continue with the home plans, but we can practice for our triumphant exit to normality. And for that, we have found on Amazon a crazy invention with which we will avoid the dreaded ‘velociraptor effect’ when we return to tread gracefully with our 12-centimeter stilettos.

And it is that walking well with heels is like swimming and riding a bike, you never forget, but it does take practice and most of us will be a bit untrained, so an extra help does not hurt. The invention in question is a removable bracelet that hooks like a stirrup between the heel and the heel, fastens at the ankle and we can exchange between our favorite shoes (we hope they do not resemble the ones that have been put as an example on Amazon).

Thus, with a gesture as simple as this, we will be able to carry the foot much more subject to the shoe and we will feel more comfortable and secure when walking, even if we go up in those heels that we love but that had been stored in the closet for months. And yes, we know that maybe this gadget ‘spoils’ your precious shoes a bit (let’s face it, beautiful, what is said beautiful, is not), but at least in the beginning it will be good for you until you get back to practice …

On Amazon these ‘Shoostraps‘(that’s the name of this curious invention) is available in 20 different finishes so you can choose the one that best fits your shoe rack (there is one that even imitates the characteristic studs of Valentino’s Rockstud) and costs 12.99 euros.

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