The comfortable bra (for all types of breasts) that does not mark or show through with white clothes is this one that sweeps Instagram


Find a bra that adapts, that is comfortable and that holds in the correct measure is an odyssey that many face throughout their lives, especially if you have a large chest -if you are one of the latter we have this option from H&M without hoops-. And although the exposed bra is a trend that is increasingly present in the best looks of the moment and it is a fashion that has caused the arrival of beautiful underwear like this one from Zara, the truth is that finding one that is neither transparent nor mark is the goal of many. File this new model that triumphs on Instagram.

We are talking about Sloggi, an expert underwear brand in maximum comfort, and its Zero Feel collection: Bras, bodysuits and briefs that guarantee support and comfort thanks to a double fabric with heat-sealed finishes through microdots that allows the garments to be completely free of seams and hoops. Through soft, fine fabrics that stretch in all directions, ZERO Feel prevents skin irritation and marks. Plus, it’s tag-free. The most!

“That feeling of feeling as if you were not wearing anything, that is the maximum comfort and feeling of absolute freedom,” Nagore wrote along with some images in which he shared with his followers how happy he was after having tried his pieces. But it has not been the only one, Cristina Pedroche demonstrated on television that her beautiful designs can also be incorporated as a visible part of a look by choosing a model in electric blue.

In addition, there are many influencers who have fallen for the power of comfort and have wanted to recommend Sloggi underwear to their followers. “The mission has always been to encourage us to be ourselves, to love ourselves and feel comfortable, that is why it offers us maximum comfort,” wrote Verónica Díaz.

But it is also that several of its models are perfect to wear under white or light clothing, because it is not transparent. The beige bra (39.90 euros) and the lilac bralette (34.90 euros) are the best option to hide underwear with this type of garment. What more could you want?

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