The color combination that Sienna Miller has chosen can become one of Fall's favorites


Yesterday a special movie pass took place 'American Woman' in London, which was attended by familiar faces with quite sporty looks that have not caught our attention too much. But there was something in the crowd that enchanted us and fell in love, something that few people risk, but that, however, when someone makes him fall in love and much. Sienna Miller risked and won with this special color scheme for Autumn.

The camel and the brown They have become two of the colors of the season, some say they are the new black, but it is obvious that it will never be so no matter how much it takes.


Sienna she wore a beautiful pleated dress from Gucci with diagonal bands in street and brown, with an asymmetry in the bass quite complicated to defend. The V-shaped neckline, quite pronounced and perfectly balanced by the high neck make it a very special garment. But the great touch of color is provided by the Klein blue boots, absolutely wonderful and bringing a modern touch to two tones much more muted.

The combination of browns with klein blues or purples It will be one of the clear trends of the fall season. They contrast a lot, but it also generates an update to the look we love. It is also very interesting to mix different fabrics, such as chiffon and suede on this occasion.

Photos | Gtres

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