The clone of the most desired luxury sandals is in Uterqüe and, extra! They are comfortable and go with everything


Summer is here and we couldn’t be happier. We have already signed a few fashionable dresses, we have bought the most beautiful floral skirts of the season and many discounted garments that combine luxury with everything. But things as they are: when it comes to building a look of ten, we cannot underestimate the power of fashion accessories and accessories.

As for shoes, we can bet on a few options. Do you have a date with your crush or a dinner with your friends? If you want to look more stylized, use some
heeled sandals. If you do not want to give up comfort, you can bet on some fashionable wedges. For a more casual look, you can opt for comfortable sneakers and voila! But things as they are: this season’s star footwear suitable for any occasion are
flat sandals. If you’ve always dreamed of brand-name sandals but don’t want to shell out large amounts of money now, we have very good news for you: we have found some flat sandals that look a lot like the famous ugly sandals by Chanel and are on sale at Uterqüe! !

«A woman needs strips and strips of
pearls“, used to say
Coco chanel, so we are not surprised that this version of the Inditex brand has this accessory. Made of fabric, with a strap on the upper, closure by means of an adherent tape to the ankle, detail of golden buckles with pearls, lining and insole made of goat leather, they cost
89 euros and they are simply ideal for the hottest days of the year.

Uterqüe sandals.

The good news? That you can combine them with all your
summer looks. They are a perfect option if you want to give a more casual touch to your most elegant looks, they will serve to finish off your daytime looks and you can wear them with everything you have in your closet.

Either way, you will succeed for sure, so do not think twice and add them to the basket before they are sold out. You will monopolize all the looks, we assure you.

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