The cheap knitwear sets from the new Lefties collection are comfortable, original and very flattering


With the third wave in full swing and potential lockdowns in sight, the best option is to get hold of a knitted set With which to be comfortable and warm at home, but that you can also wear on the street. There are ideal options like this one with an H&M skirt, this one with a Parfois vest or this one with a British point, however, they have been the new Lefties those who have stolen our hearts for being the most comfortable and cheap.

1. With sweatshirt

This is a knitted outfit that features a sweatshirt (14.99 euros) in this fabric. It is perfect for those who prefer something more sporty style that has matching jogger pants (14.99 euros). It is available in beige, heather gray and khaki green.

2. With jersey

If what you are looking for is a set that you can wear at any time and to which you can add the slippers to be around the house and even some black ankle boots for a more arranged look, this is perfect. It consists of a perkins neck sweater (14.99 euros) and culottes (14.99 euros). It is available in gray and light pink.

3. With cardigan

The third option is a knitted outfit with the trend garment of the moment: the cardigan. This is a ribbed model that wears a fitted jacket with button closure (9.99 euros) and matching pants (14.99 euros). Which one do you prefer?

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