The bralette: history, models and outfits


Its lines are extremely simple and adapt to the breast in a natural way, without altering its shape or size. Since it appeared, the bralette has upset the rules in the lingerie field: the much sought after high breasts and the much infamous plus size now give way to the natural shape of the breast, aiming at the exaltation of naturalness.

So forget about all those annoying padded bras, with underwire and push-up cups because (yes, even in 2021) they will be just a distant memory.

What is the bralette?

Comfortable and versatile on the one hand, sensual and elegant on the other. It does not stress, does not tighten, does not lift and once worn you will forget its existence!

In recent years the bralette has established itself especially for its comfort: without underwire, padding and other annoying elements typical instead of the more classic bra. It does not give volume but dresses, wraps and enhances the shapes of each breast, enhancing their naturalness.

The bralette is generally presented in a triangular shape and with a central V-neckline, which can be more or less deep depending on the model. Lace, cotton and transparencies are the fabrics that cover the most popular models, often embellished with ribbons or beads, rhinestones and glitter either in the back or on the straps.

How to wear the bralette: outfits and combinations

braletteHow to wear the bralette: outfits and combinations to be inspired. Source: pinterest

Unlike classic bras the bralette does not necessarily have to be hidden: depending on the occasion it can be flaunted with elegance and naturalness. The variety of shapes, colors and fabrics make it particularly versatile and adaptable to any type of clothing.

The suit, always serious and rigorous by nature, can be made sensual and intriguing if you replace the under jacket with a bralette: choose an elaborate model, perhaps with some particular detail in the upper part (such as ribbons and crosses), the goal is to make it noticed!

Perfect under the most transparent garments: go ahead then for dresses, shirts and blouses to which you can combine a model in contrasting shades. Once you try it, you won’t be able to do without it, even during the day!

For everyday outfits opt for models in classic and not too flashy shades: with the more low-cut sweaters and t-shirts you can opt for some intriguing detail that comes out and enriches your décolleté.

The more daring, however, can be inspired by street style looks who overturns the rules and wears the bralette over turtlenecks, shirts and t-shirts.

Models and types: from those for every day to the most sensual

A few years ago the fashion for bralettes exploded and, of course, there are many brands that have included it in their collections. Versions with cleaner and more essential lines are proposed for the day, where cotton and modal alternate between the main materials, while for the evening and special occasions the models become more intriguing and sensual, in fact transparencies and lace appear.

Sloggi lace bralette without laces

Sloggi lace bralette without laces

The bralette is one of those pieces that once tried, you can no longer do without it. The “Zero Lace Bralette”, the model proposed by Sloggi is made with laser cut and without seams and a delicate floral lace texture. Available in 7 different colors, it has adjustable straps and has no hook.

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  • Available in 7 different colors
  • The floral patterned lace is soft and comfortable
  • Thanks to the Free Cut technology, this model is made without seams


  • Like any bralette, this model is also not equipped with padding or supports: it aims for a more natural effect

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braletteModels and types of bralette. Source: pinterest

Comfortable model and ideal for everyday wear. The Sloggi Go bralette in plum shade is made of modal fabric, a regenerated fiber that is very soft, smooth to the touch and particularly pleasant to wear. This model is characterized by a front V-neck and slips directly from the head: to give additional comfort, it is not equipped with laces or hooks.

“Adella” is the khaki bralette proposed by Free People. Perfect to wear under more low-cut jackets and t-shirts, the cups are not padded and the back is curled and elastic.

The time has finally come dispel the myth that binds the bralette to small breasts: today there are many brands on the market that study, research and recreate models suitable even for those with more abundant breasts, paying particular attention to support without sacrificing the sensual and romantic touch characteristic of this bra.

In its collection, the Tutti Rougette brand offers “Hallie”, the bralette with large, lined cups. The lace fabric alternates with the mesh fabric, which is enriched by the details of the polka dots. To give more support under the breast there is an elastic band, the straps are adjustable and the model has no hook or closure.

Fashion trends for 2021

braletteThe bralette on the catwalks and among the fashion trends of 2021. Source: pinterest

In 2021, lingerie comes out in the open thanks to the bralette and according to the trends of the fashion shows it will show off like this. Dior takes the path of simplicity and proposes a bralette with a sporty cut, combined with a transparent shirt and a high-waisted skirt.

Prada experiments with the sporty chic trend where she combines the bralette and tight leggings with a long, transparent and elegant dress.

From Saint Laurent instead comes a bolder proposal: the classic structure of the bralette is overturned. From the triangle we pass to a transparent half cup with a central interlacing, and the brand completes the look with a high-waisted vinyl skirt.

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