The blue shirt dress, the low cost proposal of Stradivarius and Lefties perfect for spring


The dress shirt It is another of the garments that never fail and that, season after season, continues to be one of the favorite options. In 2021, several models have emerged that have stolen our hearts, such as this one from Zara that looks luxurious or this retro from H&M. Nevertheless, Stradivarius Y Lefties they have taken a model blue very similar which is undoubtedly the Definitive shirt dress for spring.

The two low cost firms seem to have agreed and have updated their new collections with a blue shirt dress. The one from the Lefties is a baby doll mini cut model, which has a lapel neck, long sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom that gives movement to the flared skirt. It only costs 12.95 euros and has as a characteristic element a shoulder detail to add volume to the sleeve. It is also available in nude pink and black.

A design that the low costa firm has also brought in midi length. This has the Mao neck, instead of with a flap and does not have the detail of the ruffle on the shoulder. What it does have is a puffed long sleeve and a long skirt with wide ruffles that give it fluidity. It costs 22.99 euros and it is also available in khaki green.

But if what you like is the shirt collar with lapels to use, but prefer the midi lengthTake it easy because Stradivarius has the solution. The Inditex brand has also released a model very similar to Lefties and just as flattering. Cost 25.99 euros and there are already sizes that mark the “few units”, from what we deduce is liking a lot. And it is not for less, because it is a very wearable dress both now as a long shirt with pants underneath, and for spring with boots and a light jacket and with sandals in summer. The most!

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